Thursday, April 4, 2013

Photo Art Friday 5 April 2013 ~ Collage

I'm "staying off my brain" as my friend advised me, so this week's Photo Art Friday is a wee bit of a recycling exercise.

For the past few months I have been creating digital collages each morning for my daily Gratitude. It's given me a remarkably swift rise in self-confidence given both the early hour when I DO this and the repetition that makes it second nature.

By mid-afternoon, the entire process is too daunting, but BEfore the sun's even come up, I actually DO it in my sleep.

Well, sort of...

The above collage was made by using a texture fiddled with in Picasa plus a photo from my archives also fiddled with in Picasa plus an in-the-moment poeming [since this month is National Poetry Month I used a line from e.e. cummings as my jumping-off point] all stirred and simmered in Pixlr Express.

That's the same "recipe" I've used for these other 3 as well.

And for those who are so kind to have asked me to keep you in the loop, the MRI last Friday was a "good" one as it ruled out a whole bunch of things I'd worried about. I didn't really grasp how much I was worrying until I knew those results. thank you one and all for your kind asking and generous thoughts, prayers, good scoobah, and overall amazing wonderfulness!!

Monday saw me back in my doctor's office for hours of electric tests and readings as well vascular tests. looks like it's just a bad knock on the head that didn't DO any of the Really BAD Damage.


That said, I'm still dealing with the concussion and extenuating neck and back pain. I started Cervical Traction yesterday [Wednesday] which I will DO twice weekly for 6 weeks. Hopeful it will help ease this and bring me back to "normal" [or as "normal" as I ever was] BEfore too long.

some of the really yucky stuff about the whole episode is that I am really on edge ALLTHETIME and especially around dogs. Gracie and I have been walking with friends most mornings and that's been a saving grace. the afternoons are another kettle of bunny rabbits, but we're at least pointing in the direction we want to go.



I have learned a very disconcerting thing about homeowner's insurance in Florida, that BEing that companies can opt NOT to cover someone's dogs DOing what these 2 dogs did to Gracie and me. I am grateful I already have a neurologist I see every couple of months BEcause, well, you know, where would I BE without him and his entire staff?! I am also grateful that BEcause of my disability and that I DO see him more regularly than any doctor, all of what's going on is more accessible as in they already know where I was BEfore this happened. I know that may NOT make a lot of sense to you, but to me it is cause for great celebration and Gratitude. 


And Now that I know it's NOT a TBI or hemorrhage or whatever else I don't know that it might have been, I've had a chance to assess other things like why I wake up in a panic, get dragged round by a fearsome thought that buzzes me, asleep AND sometimes when wide awake, like a herd of mosquitoes dive-bombing my ears. 

[This is that part that feels so shameful. 
and confusion.
and NOT BEing able to make sense with words.]

So I am especially grateful for my friend who walks with me in the mornings and my front house family who keep checking on me, give me rides, bring me  ripe tomatoes from their wee garden.

And Gracie. Who just goes on loving me, nutty or cranky, tense or simply too tired to play... She is so good, so wondrously dear to me.

And for YOU and the people on my Gratitude List who are so kind, so encouraging, and so blessedly patient and understanding. Who remember to ask me how I am and take the time to send me words of encouragement.

I suppose this post is more a collage of those thoughtsandfeelings...

with great love and amazement at your generous hearts...

Photo Art Friday


Annemor said...

I've been thinking of you, hoping the best and carried you close to my heart.
All the best whishes.
Mormor Norway

Deborah said...

Currie, your collages are insightful, and so many times we will find being creative chases away what seems to be low level stress ... for whatever reason ...

Glad that your MRI came up clean, and that you can now pretty much put the experience behind you, including the fear

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

My Dear Friend Currie ... you have been traumatizied. You need more than a Neurologist. You should seek counseling so you can come to grips with the fears that are haunting you. You are so bright and capable, so talented in so many ways ... don't let life's tragic events curb the joy you have been finding and still seek.

I wish I were close ... Izzi and I would walk with you in the evenings. Short walks, safe walks until you are up to more.

Your collages are amazing and your choice of quotes are perfect for each one ... where do you find all of your good stuff ... I struggle to come up with something simple and you reach in your pocket and pull out something so deep, I have to stop to ponder it. You are awesome ... be safe, be well and don't be afraid to seek help. Fear is a debilitating emotion ... one that no one can afford to live with for long periods of time. I'm glad your tests proved to be good news ... and fingers crossed that your traction works wonders for you. Like you said ... it takes time.

Andrea @ From The Sol

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Your art collages are beautiful. Your collage of words in both poetry and prose touch me deeply - resonate inside.

Heard recently that there is no fear without a story ... when waiting for the results of medical tests we tell ourselves so many scary stories. To me, wrestling fear to the ground means monitoring and challenging all the stories in my head.

Glad to hear you have so much support, Currie. Both without and within!

Prairie Jill said...

Beautiful photo art, Currie. I'm glad to hear that your worries about the bad stuff that could have happened have now been eased. Hope you continue healing quickly.

Ida said...

These are fabulous. Very creative and the texts or quotes or poems you use with them are equally awesome. I was thinking about you this week and wondered how you were doing. Guess I should have just dropped by and sent an e-mail. So happy that it wasn't something horrible. Not that what you and Gracie went through wasn't horrible but you know what I mean.
All in time things will return to normal. Take care of yourself and enjoy the time to rest and reflect.

Kim Stevens said...

Oh Currie, I'm so sorry that I didn't realize you were still having problems from your fall....I've been so out of the loop here in blogland as I meander the path with my son and his health. I'm so glad that you followed up and yes I do completely think you make sense about them knowing where you were before this all happened. Cervical traction is a wonderful thing by the way, it will help bring you relief. I love all of your sayings, the last collage is intriguing!

Miriam said...

So glad to hear you had a positive result from the MRI scan. As you say time will be your healer. I love your early morning collages but your collage of thoughts this morning is as lovely. Sending healing thoughts.

teri said...

Your Collage banner at the top is fantastic. Your other pieces are all amazing. I am having it out with fear a lot lately. And while it is an emotional and not a physical fall, that is to blame. Your creativity friends and love will see you through in the end. Listen to what Andrea said. I think I should listen to what Andrea said. xoxo teri

The Artful Diva said...

beautiful collage work!

Anonymous said...

Oh Currie, I am so sorry to hear about all the troubles and health problems caused by the accident.
I hope everything will get back to normal VERY soon!

Your collages are brilliant, as always. One of them serves and my desktop background on my computer!

sending gentle hugs your way!

Electra said...

What awesome collages these are, and I love your daily expression of grtatitutde. What a wonderful idea! For what it's worth, I see nothing shameful in fear. It's just "Face Everything And Recover". Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Your collage is indeed like looking at grateful words and deep rich color - well done!!I sure been hoping for your body and mind to heal and be refreshed from the event of the's hard to get over something like that -- be good to yourself and let time heal -sure think of you and I hope all the best..

Loredana Donovan said...

The first collage is my favorite, given that I love flowers, and that bloom really adds a special touch. Hope you feel better soon! :)

lorik said...

I am sorry to hear about your pain and problems - I haven't been very active here lately (too much to deal with in the other part of my life!) - it is good to hear your results were good though to get through the pain and get better.
My favourite is the first image - very subtle.

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry you have been in such pain. I've been away for awhile and haven't been reading all my blogs. I send good wishes your way and hope you are better soon. You did a beautiful job with your collages .