Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ICAD 2 ~ #23-27

I canNOT adequately express the fun and encouragement that ICAD2 is bringing to ME. These 5 are yet again on my 4.5 by 6.5 "cards" which I guess are meant for scrapbooking but surely fill my purposes.

I am taking a list of 50-some, mayBE just, NOT sure, lines I wrote when I was putting together my Manifesto a few months back for A Year With Myself Now I find they are giving form and direction to ICAD2 for me.


Anyhow, these all got digitally fiddled with as well in Picasa, the first 4 with Infrared effects, and the last with Thermal, so I am finding that I am learning on a variety of levels about a good many things simply by participating.


Daisy Yellow said...

Super happy you are playing along with the ICAD challenge and experimenting!!!

Natasha said...

Love your use of type! And the colours are stunning. I am loving the ocean theme. :)

Jackie said...

Love the lettering on these! Fabulous!

Terrie said...

I love it when there's an opportunity to participate on something fun, create, but learn along the way. You're right, it's perfect on many levels. Love your digital efforts.