Friday, June 15, 2012

ICAD #13-15

I had an idea, after reading Tammy's latest prompts, in particular to BE open to changing my plans, and decided turning the 50 lines I'd been using as 15-minute writing prompts into ICs. 

I'd brought some cards along yesterday to a doctor's appointment [where I arrived an hour early thanks to the promptness of the "short bus"] and I was glad I did BEcause I used the waiting time for trying out my idea.

I'm NOT yet sure that how I started is how I'm going to go, but I liked the way the idea felt. Of course, I managed to still use one of my collaged fish, which has actually been nice as scanning them to share here gave me an idea for using them in different ways, too.

Amazing how ideas light other ones!!


Natasha said...

I love these! I have packed a few index cards in my handbag to play with when I get unexpected minutes! I think the nature of index cards lends itself to new ideas as well, having the freedom to play and experiment. :)

Jackie said...

Great fish! :)