Thursday, June 7, 2012

ICAD Continued... Cards # 4-6

The past few days have been a bit harder on my Spirit than I prefer. No particular reason, and NOT that any reason is necessary... I'm just saying.

The purpose of sharing the above is that it has been ICAD which has helped me keep putting one foot in front of the other, despite things weighing on my Spirit. 

Here's what I have learned from the 3 I'm sharing today [which were made of collage bits from the series of paintings I'm in the midst of]:

1. Just keeping at it is enough.
2. Letting the muse BE in charge is sensible.
3. The forming of practises and habits is easier than I'd have guessed.

Again, I played In Real Life and then scanned these 3 in and played with them in Picasa. [which, by the way, is far cooler Now than in times past... I am learning simply by USING it on these.]

I've appreciated others' comments, by the way, and this new opportunity to Play Well With Others.

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sweet limes said...

I have found that the last few days have been hard on my spirit too, I've been using my art, and ICAD as an escape. I really like how your cards turned out. Here's to the next few days being more gentle on us.