Friday, June 22, 2012

My ICADs #19-22

 ICAD #19

 ICAD #20

It's NOT easy to put into words how VERY MUCH I am enJOYing participating in ICAD2. It's done something rather extraordinary to my days, my writing practises, and my ideas about making art.

 ICAD #21

 ICAD #22

ICADs #19 to #22 seem to BE magical stepping-off points for me. I'll admit that I love taking a very simple piece then playing about with the framing options on Picasa. I never really knew how that worked on Picnik, or mayBE I just didn't try to understand it. 

Whatever the case, ICAD2 is a patient teacher for the ME who wants to learn HOW-TO use so many of the digital fiddling tools and toys that are Right Here in my wee lappie!!!

Sincerest thanks yet again to Tammy for her brilliance!!!


Dianne said...

colorful and lovely!

Natasha said...

These cards are fantastic. Mine are a jumping off place for me as well, I have so many ideas now that I want to try in my journal. :)