Monday, June 18, 2012

ICAD #16, 17, & 18

First 4 Lines for My June 2012 Poeming As An ICAD
This ICAD thing is simply AWESOME!! I mean, I sort of thought it would BE, but until yesterday I really didn't fully recognise its brilliance. I might add, Tammy's brilliance.

So true the little thoughty bubbles of her Encouragements... for instance: 
"If you haven't started yet, you can JUST START. Call today DAY ONE. It's a 61-day challenge."
Love that so simple run round the nattering brain that sometimes runs on empty BEtween my ears!! 

Anyhoozle, last week I had a gigunda realisation that I could take my current poeming challenge and weave it into ICAD and trick myself into creating a wee art-and-poeming book. At first I did it with writing on my index cards and then, over the weekend, whilst I was here in the Wee Cottage entertaining the unexpected guest who occasionally drops in for a few days, P.A.I.N., I had an actual lightbulb moment!!!

Here's what THAT was all about:
First I used an actual 3x5 index card, collaged with the first line...

And then, as I thought some more, I decided to use these 4.5 by 6.5 "mats" I have as Index Cards and Voila!!

So then I did the same thing with Line #2...

Anyway, Pain hasn't left yet. Today's my birthday. And I am simply tickled that I have found this most entertaining...

I'll BE back in a few days to share the next few lines and adaptations of my ICADs.

Thanks so much for this inspiration, Tammy!! You've made a HUGE difference!!

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Jackie said...

These are fabulous, true art :)