Wednesday, July 4, 2012

ICAD #28 to 34 plus one for the 4th of July

Still working on my long list I've been poeming and writing essays about. It's worked out so nicely with ICAD2 which has helped me to see possibilities where I'd likely NEVER have seen them BEfore!! Another variation on Embrace Life with leftovers from my series of Under the Sea paintings.

Reach With Imagination has BEcome a thoughty thought-provoker for me. As you can see above and BElow.

Ultimately, my thinking was to simply poem each line in my Gratitude, something I've been DOing for 5 years. Actually, the poeming I've only been DOing since April 2011 where I accepted the first of many [and growing] challenges. It surprised me and continues to how much I love poeming just off the top of who knows what. I've enJOYed Very Much having these lines to work off of. 

BElow is a card with the second 4 lines. It just happened that I wrote 3 sets of 4-lines with the 4th, 8th, and 12th BEing LEARN. It seems to me Now that the LEARN was just the encouragement I've needed to BEgin learning WITH others DOing things like ICAD2. I guess it DOES take a village...


The next 2 are the first 2 lines' poeming efforts of mine. As I have taken this very slow and deliberate pause of ICAD2 + Poeming, I am finding many ways to "utilise" the poems and "illustrate" them, too.


BElow is a photo of me, oh so many years ago, in a wee playhouse. Initially I'd prepared it as one of my ICAD cards, NOT REALLY thinking I'd use it, but then I decided to go ahead and share it anyway. Of course, BElow that is my tip of the hat to Independence Day here in the US. It was fun to get a bit out of my comfy little zone and play with our flag ICAD-style.



Andria said...

Very nice cards...I like #28, 30, and 34 especially!

Natasha said...

I love the boldness and the messages on your cards. And I adore the photo of wee you!! How gorgeous, and fill of wonder. Ready for adventures.

Dianne said...

Fail with enthusiasm...I like that. wonderful cards. doing a series is a great idea!

Terrie Purkey said...

fabulous collection of ICADs - I like how you are able to blend both of your interests - poeming & art - into such pretty gems. Your teaching efforts (5-12 yo kids, really?!) sounds challenging and good for you for even trying.