Friday, July 13, 2012

Photo Art Friday ~ The Fences Outside My Windows

The Fences Outside My Windows

I got a bit bolder this go. I cannot really explain all of how I got this together, but I know a few things:

1. Bonnie inspired me to search back in my photos for fences or fencing or what have you. That got me realising that I actually have quite a lot of "fodder" for digital fiddling. I got a little lost in the past, however, so I came back, looked up, and realised that there is fencing all round about the Wee Cottage, out every window, and one of the things I DO most days is spend time watching the activities of squirrels, lizards, birds, AND somedays the 3 wee ones living up in the front house, when they come out with their mama as they did today... 

2. The fences surrounding me here in the Wee Cottage are more a little nest, a definition of space, and BEcause of them I have extraordinary freedom from the street, other houses. I suppose I am generally content in my little bubble existence. Funny I hadn't noticed the "fence right in front of my nose!!!"

3. I am learning, albeit in my own 2 steps forward, 3 back style, to navigate the digital fiddling tools. Today was the first time I played with combining two photos, two that I took just for this, and I did so in Pixlr Express, though all the various steps or anything remotely like a "recipe" were nothing more nor less than luck and BEautiful Mistakes!!

Other than that, I am excited to have got this in ON FRIDAY!! And that I took the 2 photos, uploaded them, and fiddled as I know How-To at present, without getting lost in the weeds of "NOT enough" or "as well as..."

Photo Art Friday


Anonymous said...

very creative collage!

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Your innate artistry is shining through in this piece, Currie. Love the play between concrete and abstract. Awfully good for 'digital fiddling'!! Thanks for sharing with Photo Art Friday.

Ida said...

Very unique and interesting. I like all the different elements here. Was there a Kangaroo in this composite? - It's good to experiment and create something fun like this.

lorik said...

What a great image! I loved looking at all the bits- was that a kangaroo I spied?? A rich, "textural tapestry:))"

Anonymous said...

This piece makes you look again and again to find all the little surprises among the fences. I like the color tones too.