Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ICAD #49-55

ICAD #49

Fun with leftover bits and inverting colours in Picasa.

ICAD #50

More bits from here and there and a long ago favourite Timmy-face.

ICAD #51

Leftover from fishies on a bit of patterned paper with poeming words.

ICAD #52

Loving this turtle and a leftover line from "Under the Sea" paintings.

ICAD #53

Fiddling with some OLD scraps and bits and posterising in Picasa.

ICAD #54

A weird little gathering together of thises and thats.

ICAD #55

Playing with the more "normal" version of #49 without inverting colours.

This past week has been a delicious muddling about in PLAY. ICAD-making BEfore bed makes me very ready to sleep deep and NOT have my busy brain waking me. I love that discovery...

Somehow this DOing things daily is snow-balling in my little World. I have been nearly unstoppable and having so much fun it is hard to remember I don't know a whole lot of what I am DOing.

Tricky and Sweet!!!


Heather said...

I absolutely love every single one of your collages here. I like how the fish and other aquatic shapes keep showing up. I also love combining cutout words to create new phrases and sayings. You never know what might come up! And I definitely agree with you: ICAD really has been so much fun. I will be sorry to see it end. Playing around with an index card every evening has become such a great way to end my day.

Andria said...

Looks like so much fun play here! What a neat discovery that ICAD-making promotes good sleep...that's priceless. One thing I haven't done yet for mine is raid my envelopes of words and phrases from magazines...might have to try that in the final week!

Daisy Yellow said...

Super happy that you have participated in the challenge this summer and are finding the daily work inspiring you to do even MORE.

DocAngi said...

Currie, #49 captured my heart immediately as I love BLUE anything. You have a way with collage and words that delight the eye! Great ICADs!