Thursday, July 12, 2012

ICADs #35-42... What A Week It's Been

ICAD #35

I was having myself some good fun cutting out words that I'd planned to use for Kickin' Arts Camp this week, along with a bunch of very wee octopuses [it should BE octopi, sorry Mrs. Meader my Latin teacher] and fishies, seahorses, and whatnot, and I came upon these words from one of the acrostics I wrote last summer for Girls' Empowerment Camp. The photo is of a VERY MUCH younger ME. 

ICAD #36

This is a NOT-quite-so old picture of Timmy riding his CHiPs cycle some 32 years ago. I happened to have it in the box that came East with me in 2009 that I've been learning digital fiddling on. I can hear his little voice saying, i BE Vrooming and just seeing him in that wondrous orange and purple sweater makes me smile!!!

ICAD #37

I've been playing with a piece of fabric I got what is Now Forever Ago. I've scanned it and fiddled with it, I've made it into backgrounds, and I even used it for Kickin' Arts Camp cutting seahorsies and other under the sea creatures out of it. Another learning or practise piece, I liked using it for an ICAD AND adding the poeming I did on the day I used this photo in my Gratitude sharing. This particular incarnation seems very underwater-ish to me.

ICAD #38

Another double, er, triple-duty ICAD. This is one of the photos I took of a Very Cool house/studio up the street from where I lived a Very Short While in Mesa, Arizonie, prior to my move East. Initially I pulled up the batch of those photos for Photo Art Friday and fiddled with them. I liked the funky feel of this one, so I also used it in my Gratitude along with this line ~ Forgive. Pause. BEgin Again. as my poeming prompt.

I'm going to pause here to say again how amazing I think ICAD is. It has been a treasure trove of possibilities and a wondrous serendipitous springboard for ideas and seeing connections... THANK YOU TAMMY!!! And also a little thank you shout out to TERRIE for making ME aware of it. You've both made my World delightfully larger in surprisingly tiny ways that keep on rolling rolling rolling day after day.

ICAD #39

I was totally and completely spent, used-up, and worn-out on the 9th, Monday, after my first of 2 mornings at Kickin' Arts Camp. It was Very Hot, NOT that that is unusual or unexpected in any way for South Florida in July, I'm just saying... and I was walking in and back which is just a hair over 2 miles each way. It's NOT usually such a drain to walk, but Monday it took every last bit of me. Perhaps it was the full cart I was pushing. Anyway...

This is a cropped and digitally fiddled-with version of one of my first layer collages that was the part that came AFTER Monday, for me... I had thrown my collage of some sea lions I "met" in Monterey in 2009, showing the Where My Inspiration Comes From piece of this project. It was nearly impossible to SEE the sea lions, which was partly the effect I wanted in the BEfore part.

I brought back all of their collages on that hot walk home Monday afternoon but I could NOT drag myself to the lappie to fiddle so I waited until Tuesday, when I was again exhausted from my walk BACK FROM DOing laundry, this walk BEing a shade under 3 miles. [when I had a car I knew these mileages, and since BEcoming car-free I walk them a LOT more BEcause the bus isn't always on my schedule or, well, whatever...] The entire walk was going south and the sun was in my face the whole way, but I had to stop at the Vet's office, halfway-ish, so.

Anyhow, I came home and scanned the collages and played with Gracie and then, finally, when it was too near bedtime, I started the digital fiddling. Which was fun. Which I love. BUT... NOT so close to sleep BEcause my birdbrain gets too wound-up... The results were and ARE amazing, but I digress... The one here is my "old seal called Lucille" who I wrote a limerick about BEcause we were DOing limericks in Part 2...

A Very [and I'm thinking TOO] Long explanation, but still, as I said above, this whole experience has shifted me in amazing and startling and wondrous ways. Knowing how very simple and quick an ICAD is, I am bringing that attitude to other things I DO and finding ways to accomplish BIG DREAMS in one-a-day and one-at-a-time ways...

ICAD #40

This one is another triple-duty, the "background" BEing one of the ways I make paper to paint with, the words, Carry On. Grow. Look Within. and my poeming from that line in my 50-line poem in my Gratitude. Short story... LOOOOOOONG appreciation ;~D

ICAD #41

This was my other "layered" sample I made for Kickin' Arts Camp to demo the project [let me say here that I was working with 18 kids ranging in age from 5 to 15 though the older than 12 ones were, ostensibly, counsellors...] and pretty much as it was, sans digital fiddling. The kids [and counsellors] all had unique takes on this project, and despite my exhaustion at this point, I am really grateful I had the opportunity to participate. 

Again I have to say that ICAD gave me some chutzpah for the project, helping me to see that nobody needed to take this project all "seriously" and like the BE-all and END-all... I know a few other of the artists got very serious about their DOings, and noticing that [which is all I mean by it] LAST summer, I entered into this one with an altogether unclenched attitude. The limerick piece yesterday was a thunk, fizzle, blah, but I learned a LOT from it that I hope to take forward. And I absolutely had amazing experiences with each kid and counsellor, some on BEyond amazing, and this lifts my sagging spirits in extraordinarily delicious ways...

AND FINALLY... until next time I link...

ICAD #42

A few months back I heard this quote in a call I was on and it has stuck with me. BEfore I'd heard about ICAD I'd crossed paths with Zentangle and Tangling, and ZIA [Zentangle Inspired Art] and found this to BE a Very Good Thing to DO BEfore sleep as it quiets my busy birdbrain very nicely. I decided to make "word art" in Word from quotes I like and then basically doodle inside the letters/words.

I've felt an uneasiness since yesterday's thunk and dud, but framing up the kids' collages gave me time to let that "blow the stink out" more than substantially. And, so has writing this post. I've had the distinct pleasure of revisiting the past 8 days and finding within them so much that makes me BEyond happy. I've seen that each day in and of itself was/is a gift, something that ICAD has brought into focus in many respects.

Thanks, Tammy, and for anyone who hung in the whole way to here. 


Andria said...

A lot of great thinking and creating represented here...thanks for sharing! :-)

Natasha said...

I am jealous he had a chips bike! JEALOUS! I love hearing the stories behind cards!