Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2 January 2013 ~ The Story So Far

detail of my painting, Santorini, in one of its BEginning phases

 Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.” – Meister Eckhart

We hear a lot about beginner’s mind. But I wonder if we let our striving-for-improvement mentality stand in the way of that way of being? Can we reconcile both at the same time: moving forward and having a beginner’s mind? Saadat A. Khan suggests “Beginner’s mind embodies the highest emotional qualities such as enthusiasm, creativity, zeal, and optimism. If the reader reflects briefly on the opposites of these qualities, it is clear to see that quality of life requires living with beginner’s mind. With beginner’s mind, there is boundlessness, limitlessness, an infinite wealth.”

Can you reframe this morning’s new beginning not as lack of progress, but as journey-as-beloved-process? 
Your Daily Rock from Patti Digh 

I love this way of BEing in the World. As a BEginner. As someone without credentials or a reputation to uphold. I don’t need to impress or prove myself. I can simply BE. And I can BE simply. Without airs or attitudes.

I have chosen deliberately to BEgin new practises in this new year. And I know that at the BEginning I have a couple of hurdles to negotiate.

1.      I am NOT well, physically. I hurt. I feel fuzzy in my brain. My body will just overtake me with achiness. I have no voice [this is a blessing and I think it is coming back as I write this on Wednesday morning].
2.     I am still NOT entirely detached from my 2012 Creative Practises. I need to give myself Time to transition. Gently. No loud voices or strident commands. Little By Slowly.. YES. YES.
3.      I am learning to move from Discipline into Enough as my Word for 2013. One prepared me well for the other, yet I am still NOT clear how the new Word, Enough, will play itself out. So at Present it is just here with me always. A friend. Like Jiminy Cricket.

This all seems to me to BE a journey-as-BEloved-process. I think the discipline of 2012 helped to instill the way to BE Enough, to “have” or “DO” or “BE” whatever Enough is in a space and time. I think 2011’s Visible gave me clearer vision and the willingness to SEE myself and my lack of and need for Discipline. And I think, though it was in so many ways very half-assed, 2010’s Simplify BEgan the process I am living out Today.

[I had such a good time blogging daily in December as a Month of Reflection that I have decided to continue into January using The Story So Far as the "backboard" to bounce my thoughts off of. Now that I have completed 366 Daze of Grace and A Year With Myself & Other Characters, my week feels a little loose-endy so I think using BE Currie is going to make those endies a little less loose!!]

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Catharina Engberg said...

I like this one. You don´t have to paint it any more. It´s allready likeable! :D