Thursday, January 3, 2013

3 January 2013 ~ The Story So Far

“Life is actually really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ~Confucius
 We are living in a culture of experts, some of whom believe their expert status is assured only if they make their wisdom complicated, so the rest of us will need to rely on them for the answer. I don’t think life is complicated at all—I think it is complex. And in a complexity no one has the answer for you. A complexity is not to be solved; it is to be walked into, embraced, danced with, not solved. This calls on a whole different set of skills—not problem-solving, not drama-based, but internal and quiet and wise and still. The responses to complexities are simple wisdoms, small actions that focus on the quality of the relationship between you and the world, big knowings.
What is the quality of your engagement with others, and with the world?
Your Daily Rock from Patti Digh

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about my commitments or engagements with and within Life.

I’m looking at commitments I have Now. 

At those I have recently completed. 

I’m reflecting on the arc of my Life and seeing, without flinching, what I find there.

Most of all, however, I am considering how I want to engage and where I want my commitment to BE Now.

In what direction[s] DO I want to continue, and where I want to stop?! 

Say “when.”

I really enJOY my Life. 

My solitary Life. 

My reflective and contemplative Life. 

My quiet Life. 

My Life of deep JOY shared with Gracie Mae, my nearly 8-year old Golden Retriever.

There is a BIG World out there. Even the BIGness of my small community often feels just too enormous. 

There is such a lot of BEST and RIGHT and ONLY WAY BEing touted there. It overwhelms me like jumping into a river where the rapids are just too strong.

Yet Right Here, where Gracie and I live, it is Enough.

Enough is what defines the quality of my engagement with the World. I Have what I need. I DO what I love. I AM what and who I AM.

I have wants, of course, but they don’t run me or hold me captive in a higher place than What Is.

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