Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Week+ of Your Daily Rock ~ The Story So Far

I am NOT someone who BElieves in “getting BEhind” or “getting ahead.” Although, I have been both, often at the same time, for much of my wondrous little Life…

Dealing with a cough for 2+ weeks has given me great appreciation for my otherwise truly remarkable health.

The first week of 2013 I was given the gift of losing my voice. That BEcame a “problem” only when I tried to talk ;~D so I just didn’t.

I realised that Someone seems to BE DOing some Work in and on me as some of my friends say…

I hope dearly to encourage in myself that:

Less Talking + More Listening = Better Communication

Losing my voice gave me insight I didn’t have. Until I DID.

I have spent much of this coughing experience noticing my own measure of inner peace.

And Inner Pause.

Turns out I like to BE quieter.

[I often talk BEcause I am so anxious to connect. Or have had no conversation in a Too Long While.]

The loss of my voice and the cough showed me HOW-TO just BE a quieter person.

So, Now, back to the Story So Far and Your Daily Rock from Patti Digh.

I left off after 7 January. Funny that Patti had this quote that day: 

“All I have is a voice.” –W.H. Auden   

These are her questions from the past week. I encourage you to check Your Daily Rock out as they are each really rich and delicious thought-provoking morsels.

How can you let your life be a poem today?
I can keep it short, like a Haiku, fitting it JOYously inside just a few words and 3 lines.

What do you need to “own” about yourself today in order to learn from it?
I talk a lot when I haven’t talked with anyone for awhile. I learned the JOY of quiet when I lost my voice and could NOT talk.

What step can you take toward either creating or strengthening your tribe today?
Realise that the people who “get me” might just BE “my tribe.”

Do you ever allow yourself to get messy?
Indeed!! Messy comes in every shape, colour, and size in my Life!!

Can you let yourself ride that wave without reducing it to words?
[nodding, smiling…]

Can you allow yourself the precious luxury of a nap one day soon? How about today?
YES!!! And again YES!!!

Can you let go of your end of the rope today?
When I remember that what I DO has little to DO with YOU, it’s easier to drop my end.

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