Friday, January 4, 2013

Give Me A Word 2013 from Abbey of the Arts

Awhile back, midsummerish I'd have to say, I learned about Abbey of the Arts. I was immediately clear that this was "a sign" along my Path. 

One clearly sent as Inspiration.

I wanted to jump right in, straightaway. My old eagerness kicked into overdrive. 

So I paused.

And I stayed paused a good while.

Along the way of December, as I was enJOYing my Month of Reflection, I was again inspired. 

Enough to participate in Christine's generous gift of an online mini-retreat called Give Me A Word 2013.

I have found my Word for the Year in other ways, and I was actually curious to see how this way would work.


First was the concept of Letting a Word CHOOSE ME...

ENOUGH is my word and it did precisely that.

Then the notion of CONTEMPLATION, which was in alignment with my month devoted to Reflection.

I spent the last weeks of 2012 really appreciating Discipline, my word for 2012, and discovering how it had BEcome like my bone marrow. I had no idea...

Letting my word RIPEN was another wholly new concept. And yet it felt so good. I was deeply glad for the direction.

Along the way there was much in the way of introduction to and deepening appreciation of writers, wise teachers, and poets. Each day I looked forward to my email and the deliciousness therein.

Out of that I was given the gentlest of nudges to COMMIT to a Word-Rooted Practise and to Seek Out a Spiritual Teacher

I have chosen to take a pause whenever I feel I WANT rise in me. 

To breathe into the vast chasm BEtween Wants & Needs.

And to read all that I can of the poet Rainer Maria Rilke. Such a simple idea that had NEVER occurred to me.

Last of all was the encouragement to write a poem inspired by the word that chose me. 

Here that is... 

Already I have had the opportunity to share my Word in Photo Art Friday as well to Now get to SEE the words of others and how they came to choose them or have their words choose them, as Enough did me.

There are deep things shifting in me this year. I am so very glad they are able to BE shared with others as well sharing in others' gifts...

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Anonymous said...

Oh thanks for putting in the link for Abbey of the Arts. I already subscribed and downloaded the PDF!!