Sunday, February 23, 2014

Putting One Foot In Front Of The Other

Lately Life has been teaching me about the things called "chopping wood, carrying water."

I have had the extraordinary privilege of BEing able to live a quiet, ordinary, and really quite simple Life, one breath, one beat, one second at a time.

No rushing.

No hurrying.

No have-to's.

Even, mostly, no want-to's!!

This is all good.


What I have had ingrained over my lifetime is rather stubborn.

Like a stain from tea that just won't come out, no matter what trick I try.

And as a result, I have started to wonder if I am BEing lazy or even complacent.

BEcause, I've always thought Life is supposed to BE hard.

One problem solved and then another to take its place.

Reaching for a carrot that always moves just BEyond my grasp.

So, for me, this simple, quiet, and ordinary way of living Life seems suspect.

As I wrote that, I realised that I have changed.


At my core.

NO, all the things that have plagued me, all my regrets, and all of my sorrows have NOT magically been removed.

I am just okay with it.

After all, it's MY Life. 

No one can live it any better [or worse] or even any different.

BEcause it is just made for ME.

I hear people [or mayBE I should say I read people] who speak eloquently about the problems in living Life in 2014, about those who are "hardest hit" by the circumstances of Life in 2014, and I know I should probably BE moved in a "better" way than to say I am enJOYing the moments of Life as it is for Currie in 2014, or just Right Now.

But I am saying that I quite like things as they are.

And as they are NOT.

NOT that I don't want Change.

NOT that I don't want Challenge.

And NOT that I don't imagine there will BE rougher seas on my horizon again.

It's just that I am happy Now.

And content to keep putting one foot in front of the other and BEing Present for each footfall.


Rita said...

Life was hard enough and challenging enough all my life so that I have deeply appreciated the quiet, peaceful, calm life I have had the last nine years. Respite. ;)

Electra said...

I love your words and your image.

TangledBlueRose said...

Your words are BEautiful as are your images. Have a wonderful day!