Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Courage To Wonder

I may never have thought that wondering took courage. 

I may have thought wondering is just a more polite term for saying my mind was elsewhere. 

Or that it was more about BEing daydreamy instead of focused.

But that is changing.


By inches.

And it comes to me from the inspirations I have all round me.

It comes from others' writing.

It comes from reading things that I don't consider BEing sources of inspiration.

But here is what I know.


It is a courageous thing to wonder what might BE wrong with my perspective.

It takes courage to back up and start again, without BEing sure of myself.

It asks nothing less than courage to stand in my BEliefs which are NOT yours or theirs.

Courage means daring to consider that I am the problem I am wanting to BE solved.

Now, on the face of it, those things aren't really such Big Deals.

We're none of us "perfect" or always "right."

Life is a lot about re-starts and new BEginnings, often in humbling ways.

People often don't agree about things, but they still get along, still manage to BE kind and pleasant.

And most of the time, if I am honest, my problems are self-inflicted and "all about ME."

Still, this Courage To Wonder is a remarkable gift of BEing Human.

Like telling the truth, like BEing willing to hear the truth.

I might prefer the quieter ways of BEing a dog, for instance, but even that takes courage to wonder about, y'know what I mean?!

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Rita said...

True! True! True!
It takes courage to think outside of our own little boxes we have made for ourselves. :) :)