Sunday, February 9, 2014

Following Directions

It is NOT my best thing, NOT by a long shot, following directions.

I like making it up as I go along.

I like the spontaneity and magic that is BEing creative, DOing my own thing.


[and that BUT, by the way, is NOT meant to negate all I have said]

Sometimes the Very Best Next Right Thing is to follow those directions.

I have been discovering this truth on pretty much a daily basis.

While I CAN and I DO often wing it, sometimes the directions just feel good.

They give a context and a container to the unwieldiness of Life.

They let my busy brain rest and seek a peaceful stream to nap BEside.

I'll probably always fight DOing Life by the instructions, BUT...

[and that BUT is also NOT meant to negate all I have said]

I'll probably come to appreciate having the choice more than I have so far.

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Miriam said...

Ooooh! I like this very much Currie.