Sunday, February 16, 2014

Amazed By the Ordinary

Today is just an ordinary Sunday.

It's remarkable though...

BEcause on an ordinary Sunday my Life has been touched and my eyes open and my Spirit blessed, all by people who have no idea how much their choosing to share something matters to Me.

I am just one person.

I am just someone who subscribes to their blog or what have you.

I am no one they set out to deLIGHT or even to inform.

This is what I love about the Internet.

The way we are connected even as we all circle Life within our own little universes.

It is a funny thing, having a blog.

I never know who will read me.

I rarely care IF anyone reads me.

I used to feel different. 

I used to care way too much.

And that, I see Now, is what got in the way of ordinary amazement.

What if...?!

What if every day I allow my amazement to run free?!

What if every little bit I read I enJOY just for itself and NOT for WHO wrote it or what that person or that whatever has accomplished that I see BEyond my own grasp?!

What if?!



Miriam said...

I used to care too much, but I'm with you now x

Electra said...

What a great image!