Thursday, February 13, 2014

BEing My Own Valentine

Lots of years I have felt like one of those people standing 8-deep outside of a department store window watching a black-and-white television. 

I mean, I have felt myself at that remove from BEing anyone's Valentine.

Felt on the outside looking in.

Even felt sorry for myself.


Here's the thing:

I don't NEED someone else to "want me" to BE theirs.

I don't NEED candy, flowers, or pretty cards to know I matter.

That I am, indeed, the World to someone.

MayBE I shouldn't BE saying this out loud, but I really am all that [and more] to myself.


That's what I think and feel and BElieve.

Every. Single. Day.

[although there are days when I DO get on my last nerve!!!]

So my mailbox won't BE brimming over.

No flowers will BE delivered to my door.

And I won't have to curb my eating of chocolates and other sweets.

But I will BE someone's Valentine.

I will BE Mine.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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