Thursday, May 2, 2013

April Showers, May Flowers, and Artist's Play Room #55

I was searching through my stashes of stuff, knowing I had plenty of possibilities for this week's Artist's Play Room.

Funny thing, I got lost in the search and more than few times had to remind myself of the "mission" and NOT just keep floating down the rabbit hole.

One of the places I was sure I wanted to draw from was Timmy & Justine's Wedding which was 1 May 2010. I had taken over 1200 photos those 5 days on Nantucket, and I was certain...

Then I took my first left turn.

And another...

Makes me grin to think of it Now.

I've been feeling a little blue the past couple of days. Some of it is seasonal I suppose, but mostly I think it is my little Change Resistor who pops out from time to time.

She is scared of Change and isn't feeling too peachy about a big one that is NOT that far round the corner.

Once I got searching through the stash of wedding and Nantucket stuff I reminded myself of other Mays in my Life.

The May [2005] when Gracie came into my World.

BE Still, my Heart!!!

The May [2006] of Dahn Healer School in Sedona and the people and wondrous moments shared together every one of those 21 days.

The Mays [2011 & 2012] of Kickin' Arts and Art FUNdamentals and the kids and teachers and parents and how much those busy weeks reminded me of why I had BEcome a teacher in the first place.

MayBE this May I am feeling sad about NOT DOing Kickin' Arts and Art FUNdamentals anymore.

MayBE this April, with all its challenges that are little by slowly dissipating in May, was a bit much...

Anyway, I finally settled on this wee collage, Puddle Dance. 

It is just so what this time of the year is ALL ABOUT. Puddles!!

One our walk this morning, BEtween the raindrops, Gracie and I found every puddle we could and splashed in them all!!!

Changes may BE ahead and that little Resistor in me may find that overwhelming AND... 


Today is puddles and rain and music and just BEing here, Now, in the Wee Cottage with Gracie. 

No treatments to go to. 

Nothing that must get done. 

JUST BEing is enough...

Hope your day is deLIGHTfullicious too!!


Unknown said...

Puddles are good for the soul. Wonderful collage!

Terrie said...

Interesting that you describe your 'change resistor' while I'm the VERY opposite and would have to be the 'change embracer'. If there isn't change going on, I have to make some... I like the turmoil and uncertainty and excitement of the 'what's next' whether in my art or in life in general...not too stable, I know :) Nice collage and I love the "today is just puddles and rain and music" - sounds like a song or poem in there somewhere.

Rita said...

Change is always scary at first.
Very pretty collage.
May all go well, whatever your change may be. :)

sharon said...

It is here today, so maybe I will go out and splash in some puddles too!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love the mellow color palette in your collage, Ms. BE Currie. Jumping and splashing in the puddles is a good way of just BEing. May you find peace of spirit, body and mind to relish in life's BEautiful moments.

Neesie said...

Oh Currie I just wrote a lengthy reply and it just went puff and disappeared. Basically I wrote I can relate to your change resistor because I've major changes ahead and my resistor feels like it's on max! That's one reason why I've missed entering into the APR challenges but I hope to return soon.
Your collage is so vibrant and alive ;)
We don't have puddles here at the moment but there's lots of fallen leaves that Mufftypup and I had fun kicking up in our walk this morning.
I hope you're in a happier place now and moving in the right direction where ever that may lead.