Saturday, May 4, 2013

Among The Many Things I DO NOT Understand...

Sometimes I think Gracie uses my brain as a toy. 

She takes it, shakes it, growls playfully with it, and then takes it outside and drops it somewhere in the yard...

Or mayBE it's NOT Gracie at all.

MayBE it is just my brain growing and changing and BEing my brain.

I never cease to BE amazed at all that I don't understand.

Why is a question I find flashing through my internal screen many, oh so many times each day.

Especially the daze days, like today. 

I went out for a walk with my tea to check out the variety of stores right here within easy walking distance to find a deck of playing cards for altering for a Mail Me Some Art swap

I went first to the Habitat For Humanity store, ReStore. 

I've been there once BEfore and I am thinking a Tuesday morning, which was when I went BEfore, and a Saturday morning is a whole different experience.

And the only thing remotely like playing cards were flash cards.


Next I decided to check out the Greenlands store that's been open about a year Now, and it has quite a wide variety of "stuff" but no playing cards.

I tried to enJOY a wander through, but it wasn't long BEfore I felt the squish of retail closing in. Quite a diverse collection of stuff there, but I canNOT help but wonder that there never seems to BE anyone there...

I wandered back toward home and tried Goodwill. 

Again, Saturday morning NOT the best choice.

And no playing cards there, either.

[but really, DO people still buy and view VHS tapes?!]

Across the highway I tried the little shop that has clearly changed its look and mission in the, gosh, has it been there 2 years Now?! 

Apparently someone bought their last pack of playing cards, so I was out of luck, again...

When I got home, Gracie was more than a little miffed at BEing left home for this Wild & Wonderful Adventure I apparently had without her.

She had "dug up" her bed, the pile of rugs and a little sheepskin bed I've "built" her in the bedroom.

Lately she has been DOing that a LOT and with gusto.

Clearly she is NOT happy to BE left at home. 

And I guess I HAVE been gone a lot more lately.

So, home again, no playing cards, and scratching my head, trying to figure out if mayBE I should just have gone up to Walgreens in the first place since apparently Now I have to try there...

Oh well...


Rita said...

LOL! I guess it was just a day for wandering that annoyed Grace. I hope you found your cards. :)

Miriam said...

Oh I wish I had known you wanted playing cards...I have lots and lots of packs of them! I love your little sea horse so much.