Monday, May 27, 2013

Riding Rainbows Over Rough Edges of the World

Sometimes I just have too much fun.

I spend the whole day playing, or at least with a playful attitude.

I think this is an excellent way to slide into 60.

Years ago I had a wee piece of art, and where it is Now I've no clue, but as I have ALWAYS loved rainbows, this one was gifted to me with a cat riding a rainbow over the rough edges of the World.

As I contemplated Jenn's theme of Rainbow for Artist's Play Room #59 
[a meaningful number for me Right Now, LOL!!]
I remembered that wee piece and thought about creating one of my own combining word art and digital fiddling.

I've spent May collaging a LOT of giraffes for 2013 The Year of the Giraffe, so I had a bunch of rainbow-ish giraffes to choose from and I enJOYed exploring new ways with making word art in Word, trying a couple of somethings I've NOT as yet. 

Combining the two and scanning then digital fiddling them was a blast.


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Rita said...

LOL! Great contribution to rainbow and I love that phrase. :)

TwinkleToes2day said...

FUNdabulous rainbow giraffe Currie! Just perfect for Jenn's theme this week. :0) Mo x

Miriam said...

Fab-u-lus! I just love this happy happy piece.

Unknown said...

Amazing vivid colours, it's almost hard to look out with the sheer luminosity :D Fantastic contribution to APR :D

Katie Jeanne Wood said...

Yay for the rainbow giraffe!! How fun your art is, Currie!!

Darla said...

Very colorful and what a charming saying.


Neesie said...

This looks like you had lots of fun Currie,
It's a brilliant entry for bright rainbow colours and who doesn't love a giraffe!
BEautiful :D