Sunday, May 5, 2013

One At A Time

Somedays I catch myself in a rush-rush hurry-hurry. 

For no reason. 

Today's been one of those...

I've been running with either a brilliant idea without sufficient energy or high energy and an idea that falls flat.

So it goes...

I just keep chugging along.

Sundays are like that sometimes.

I figured out a solution to a problem from last evening but could only take it so far. 

Then I decided how I'd get it all sorted out and the other actor in my play didn't realise I'd written him a part.

It's been a two-shower day and blessedly quiet.

I saw two butterflies dancing in swirls down at the wee park while Gracie was busying her nose in the grass.

I had fun with some of my collaged giraffes and using up 4 sheets of paper that quick-printed something I didn't even want yesterday.

That was so fun I decided to leap on into another little project which, while fun, really did NOT work out so well In Real Life.

Right Now there are many rainbows dancing in the Wee Cottage. 

I love this time of day just for that very reason.

I'm really glad that I need only live my days, my moments, One At A Time.


Unknown said...

Lovely colors! It's beautiful as the rainbow!

Rita said...

I love these deep, rich colors you've been using lately! :)

Miriam said...

This is fun! I would love to have been able to take this class of Carlas. I have taken her sewing class though & am having fun with that.