Tuesday, October 9, 2012

With That Song In Her Heart ~ Texture Tuesday 10.9.12

The way this whole blogging and digital fiddling thing BEgan for me was making this calendar with photographs of Gracie Mae, my Golden girl with the absolute BIGGEST and most loving heart.

Throughout 2012, I have fiddled with one of my oh so many photos of Gracie and posted it along with a little thoughty thought. 

So, for Texture Tuesday's Anything Goes eDition, I am using this photo of Gracie from late December 2005, at about 9 months old, out on "her" chaise lounge on our porch in Sedona.

I used my original edit for 1 October on 366 Daze, then I used it to practise on PSE8 yesterday. I used Kim Klassen's All My Loving texture at Hard Light 74% and then again, Multiply at 47%. 

Then I used it this morning in its new form. 

Fun. It's just FUN FUN FUN learning as I grow...



Linda Kittmer said...

Beautiful Currie! We've got a golden too. Casey is 12 and fortunately in super health. They are such wonderful, gentle, loving dogs!

Anonymous said...

Lovely image of Gracie. I know what you mean about how the fiddling starts...and I know what you mean about how dogs are full of love...Very happy post.

Carola Bartz said...

Gracie is super cute... and this image of her has a beautiful dream like quality that is very appealing.

Marilyn said...

Why not? You have such a darling subject.