Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 1 of 30 Days of Get Your Art On with Traci Bunkers

30 Days of Get Your Ar On


There is nothing quite like hitting the ground running. Especially for me, since running is no longer something I  am able to DO. I find other ways and means to get that running feeling. And today it was making art and making my art into art. It was ALL about Timmy Day 2012 [my son's 34th birthday on the 6th].

First up, a photocopy of a photo I no longer have. This was taken in I am going to say 1980... we'd rented a wonderful little cabin tucked away in the woods in Vermont. 

I scanned it, then "digitally fiddled" with it to my heart's deLIGHT in Picasa and Picnik [that which remains of Picnik]. I added in one of my poeming poems that I felt fit this birthday wish to a T for my sweet T.

Next I brought it back into Picasa and played with colours and heat maps and inverting and cross-processing and the always fun make-a-collage feature. It was great fun and even though I never got into Photoshop Elements with it [yet] I realised that I've been learning from that and it enhances my capabilities in Picasa!! Nothing quite like that JOY & Surprise of learning!!!

Last, yet definitely NOT least, I scanned in the 6-by-6-inch collage I  made for him. Then I brought it into Picasa and fiddled to make it into a JPG that could BE printed. I don't always take this step, but since I was "getting my art on" I just went ahead and pulled all the stops out.

And Now I am ready to work on a wee writing project I dreamed up for myself.

I'm thrilled with this 30 Days project Traci came up with!! I've just completed 122 Days of Index Card A Day for 61 days and the Daily Paper Prompt for 61 days with Tammy at Daisy Yellow Art. It's nice to have a new resource and reason to keep making art each and every day.

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Lora Martin said...

Great collage for Timmy Day 2012 and a great start for Traci's 30 Days. I look forward to what else happens along the way.

That Super Timmy in the collage is the best!