Thursday, March 21, 2013

Self Portrait ~ Photo Art Friday 22 March 2013

I'd really hoped to get a bit more wild with my self-portrait for this week's Photo Art Friday, but circumstances somewhat BEyond my grasp* have taken over so I am going to just share this one photo of me, taken at Timmy's wedding, in the church unBEknownst to me until later... 

I played with it in Picasa and then in Pixlr. I came back to Picasa and went back to Pixlr. I was seeing what happened and I sort of like the oddness of what I turned up.

First the last:

Next the third go:

And what came BEfore that:

And finally, the original photograph:

How rarely does one see this sort of photo?! I know it is a first for me. I enJOYed turning it first to a pencil sketch, fiddling along in Picasa, then into Pixlr... I liked what I came out with after Pixlr, but there was just something else I was looking for. 

I found it in a dreamboard I made. It spoke to me of the thoughts in my head, mayBE at the moment the photo was taken, and mayBE over the arc of Timmy's Life.

I know I was proud and happy and, okay, a little bit scared, too. It was humbling.

There was a jumble of memories, hopes, and dreams that if I could open up my thoughts would look like the first of these, a little bit.

*[side note: Gracie and I got "attacked" by 2 dogs yesterday afternoon. we know the dogs and the whole incident was more just bad luck all round, but I got upended and landed hard on the cobblestone road and got a good knock on the bean, so I am feeling a little like gremlins are driving the brain bus today... it has taken me a really long time to write this and I can't tell if it makes sense "out loud" but I am going to fly with it anyway. any and all good thoughts or prayers for all involved will BE welcome. I feel really bad for the lady whose dogs got out; sad, too, for Gracie who is Now very timid and tender though NOT too badly hurt physically. it is mostly her crying that I can't seem to get out of my head and then there is my head... thanks for understanding if this doesn't make too much sense. xoxo]

Photo Art Friday


Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

You are making perfect sense in your post, Currie. I'm so sorry to hear of this attack. How traumatizing for you and Gracie!! Should you be checked to see if you sustained a concussion?

Your self-portraits are wonder-full as is the reflective pose of the original photo.

Love how you superimposed a dreamboard ovr your head - it is like being given a rare peek into the workings of a complex and beautiful mind. Thank you!

Sending love, light and healing your way (and some for Gracie too).

Anonymous said...

Hi Currie.
You have done fantastic pieces .

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about the attack. My dog is nt very friendly to other dogs and she got into a fight not so long ago making me all embarrassed... ugh.
I hope everything gets better soon and the image and sound of crying Gracie fades away!

Your self-portrait is wonderful. I love the first edition - so colorful!

Sueann said...

Oh dear...that is horrible and I hope that healing will surround you both!!
Your portraits are amazing! I esp. like the final edit. Very cool and powerful!!
Gentle hugs

Kim Stevens said...

I am so sorry to hear you both were attacked, and I agree with Bonnie - I hope you got yourself checked out!!

As for your selfie-art...fabulous. I really like what you did with the first one and the dream board, how clever you are!

Prayers, love, and good thought abound your way!! xo

Anonymous said...

You have done well

Linda Kittmer said...

Oh Currie, so sorry to hear about yesterday's events. Please do get yourself checked. If your're worrying about being coherent (which you are BTW), you probably do have a concussion and that can be very dangerous.

Your self portraits are great.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to read about the attack, and I do hope you and Gracie both get better soon!

While knocks to the head should always be treated as a serious matter, at least this in no way seems to have affected your creativity and ability to communicate here adversely! I love those images! Your final conclusions about the first(last) version are wonderful, and beautifully expanding on the context of the image!

Err... I hope *I* made sense, there - I have no head injury to blame... :)

Best wishes!

Annemor said...

I'll send all my warm thoughts to you and hope for rapid improvement.
Best whishes all the way.
Mormor Norway.

Miriam said...

What a scary thing to happen to you both! I hope you are not concussed? Your wonderful art has not suffered in the least. Lots of cuddles and rest for you both today might help. Sending healing thoughts your way.

Edna B said...

Your self portrait is super! I have to agree that doing a portrait that tells about yourself is rather humbling.

I am so sorry to hear that you were attacked by dogs. I do hope that you are okay and that you will heal quickly.

I think it is sad that some people train their dogs to behave this way.

I'm sending hugs and good wishes for you. Edna B.

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Your art amazes me ... I have watched you grow from week to week in so many ways. You have evolved into a person who has learned to love oneself for who you are and that has freed you to express yourself in ways that most of us would wish for. I am empowered by your honesty and openness ... I hope some day to achieve what you have already. You will continue to grow as I struggle along behind you.

You need to have a friend check on you periodically to make sure you can wake up and make sure you are making sense. I am hoping you have seen a doctor since your incident, but if not ... don't try to push through alone ... this is on of those time when you need someone to be there.

Even the kindest sweetest dogs can be territorial ... if you were walking by their house they (in their pack mentality) were probably trying to protect their owners and their territory. That said, they shouldn't be out without someone there to control them and that is the responsibility of the owner. I am greatful that you both will be okay ... but the owner needs to make sure her dogs are secure ... it is not fair to you or Gracie (or anyone else who walks there) to be threatened by them. I will be thinking of you, Currie, and hoping that all will be well with you and Gracie.

Andrea @ From The Sol

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

I like that you took the serious expressional photo and made it your colourful and whacky self. Valerie

Mariane said...

Dear Currie,
Pheww I would say at first. That was a hard thing to read as well as you have experienced it I believe. I know how things is and you will never forget but at the time it will be easier for you to live with and that is the point. To your photo. It is a marvellous photo taken of you.Showing the motions. And your work with the photo is kind of a healing process too. What you have done is amazing - you manage to give those two life in the colours and in text as well. If you were my friend I would be very proud of you. But I know you "just" as online woman and I am proud to know you. Thank you so much for sharing.
You might want to read my stories too?

Kind regards
and here is my contribution at Bonnie's place

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like what you did with YOU! This was a fun challenge, wasn't it? I'm not one to over-expose my face online, but Bonnie tempted me with her portraits and I realized that I could 'camo' myself!!

Have a great weekend!

Leovi said...

Wonderful self-portraits. I like! Beautiful pictures!

Kathy Reed said...

I like seeing the different photos to compare...the politeness are endless! Great job.

Terrie said...

As everyone else has said, if you're feeling disoriented or at all not yourself, it doesn't hurt to be careful and get checked out. A friend took a fall, hit the back of her head and has lost her sense of smell.... Hard to enjoy eating when you can't smell anything! This is shared just to remind you that head knocks can have unexpected results. Hope you and Gracie recover and are able to enjoy walks again.

As for your art - wow. Really great work on the selfie pic...lots of fun trials. Digi art is SO much fun and there's just so much room for experimentation. Keep trying, keep creating, keep curious - and keep well.

Lynne with an e said...

Such a complex and lovely final rendition of your self-portrait. I enjoyed seeing the artistic journey you took to get there; each step along the way visually appealing in itself.

What a nasty shock that attack must have been. Wishing you and Gracie a speedy recovery.

Electra said...

I'm so sorry for your accident. And it all makes very good sense to me. Wonderful self-portraits, it's lovey to meet you!

Loredana Donovan said...

The second image is my favorite with the pink and blue pastel colors. I love your earrings! :)

Anonymous said...

Sending happy thoughts to you! I really like all of your self-portaits; they are all different. Nice work!

Marilyn said...

Currie, I hope your "bean" is feeling better. That must have been scary.
Looks like you had a lot of creative fun in Pixlr and Picasa. Can't decide which edit I like best. They are all different and fun. Actually, I really like the original wistful image of you.
Take care.....

Ida said...

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear that you and Gracie got attacked by other dogs. How scary, I live in fear of that happening when I take little Cricket out for walks. I hope you both are doing much better today. I am late getting around to commenting as I had other obligations on Friday. You are in my thoughts and prayers for healing both physically and emotionally along with sweet Gracie.

Now on to your ART work. Fabulous! I loved seeing the progression of your piece and the end result was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness -- first before I comment on your self portrait -- Oh my dear, I've had this happened but with just one dog and my little Toby - he got hurt pretty baddy and I just got few scratches.. I feel for you - at least my husband came running when he heard our cries.. I so sorry -- prayers in your behalf and Gracie too)..get more rest - it heals the mind and body!

Okay now about your portrait -- I never thought to do that - good to try -- my list is getting long of all the things to try - I really like how you superimposed and faded out images - cool look!!!
Like how you shared what was going on in your mind at the time of creating.. Thanks for sharing it means a great deal!!
Hugs to you and Gracie --

Cynthia (Cindy) Powell said...

I absolutely adore you and your blog. I love your prose and the images you share. I wish I could express myself in such grace and elegance as you do.
Please take care and rest. See if a doctor if anything changes with how you feel. Thoughts and prayers are being sent.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love all the version of your self-portrait. I see a beautiful, serene and loving woman. I am terribly sorry about your accident, and pray that you and Gracie heal quickly.

Jeanne said...

Love what you have done with your portrait and think it is very filled with meanings! So sorry to hear about you and gracie getting attacked. That is such a scary thing to have happen. So glad that neither of you were seriously injured!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Currie, I really like what you created!! Very cool! I hope you are feeling better...I fell a few days ago myself as I was feeling so good about getting out and walking to our post office. I slipped on cinder that they throw on the snow. I had the wrong kind of shoes on..but I fell on my rump..just as someone drive by. There I am sitting on the side of the road. Anyway it jarred me and am still a bit sore..Take care! And I will surely be saying a prayer for you and the dogs too...

Andrea Dawn said...

Sending healing prayers your way, Currie. Your artwork has not suffered as a result of your mishap . . . delightful as always.

Kathy said...

So sorry to hear about the dog attack, but glad to hear that you're both ok. I was attacked by a dog I knew when I was 5 (he was a German Shepherd). I cried when I found out that they put him down because of it.

On to a better note...I love your self portraits and the process you did on each of them. Great profile pic too!

Capture life,

PS...I hope you two feel better soon.

NatureFootstep said...

the second one is my favourite. Love the way you shine through it.

teri said...

Currie- I hope as everyone has already said that if you are still feeling "not quite right", that you have your self checked out. Breathe and know there are a multitude of people carrying you and Gracie in their hearts. Your creativity came through unscathed. Some of our most creative pieces are released when we are in unbalanced, unhinged, or knocked around. I really hope you are feeling better though. withe love- teri

Prairie Jill said...

Beautiful processing, Currie! I think the first one you showed is my favourite.
Hope you're starting to feel better now.