Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I Treasure… Artist’s Play Room #47

Like others, I am quite certain, thinking of what I treasure is glorious. 
It is sweet. It is wonderful.

Gracie, Sedona, 2005

Trying to illustrate it, on the other hand, somewhat like 
eating dinosaur bones…

Goggle Girl Gracie, Sedona, 2005

I’ve “tried” to settle on one thing, then another, then remembered 
something yet BEyond both of those.

Braveheart Gracie, Sedona, 2008

So BEcause making art and sharing are, for me, meant to BE 
the highlights in my days, I am making a choice. 
I am resolved.

Gracie, Dog Beach, Jupiter, 2010

It’s that simple…

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Catharina Engberg said...

She´s so sweet your Gracie!

Jennifer McLean said...

you have a very cute dog there. thanks for entering, I do love the color you achieved.

VonnyK said...

That's fabulous, I love all the pictures and you're, we should celebrate everything.

Unknown said...

what a sweet doggie! and you're right, there is so much to celebrate!!

Gloria j Zucaro said...

Love seeing Gracie in all her glory!

Tracey FK said...

Gracie is gorgeous and I loved seeing that she went to the dog beach at Jupiter because we used to live in Jupiter... right on the estuary... and it immediately bought lots of great memories of our years there...xx

Neesie said...

Gorgeous Gracie...she certainly is a treasure for sure!
She looks like she lives life to the full...Bless
So cute ;D