Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Artist's Play Room #49 ~ What DO I Overlook?!

It isn't easy to BE me sometimes. I can BE a bit harsh. Scoldy. Inconsiderate. 

I overlook this BEcause I say it's just ME. But over time this has BEcome something I've worked on diligently to change.

As I got to thinking about this week's Artist's Play Room theme, I noticed myself BEcoming aware of things. 

Perhaps this was the point?!


What I am noticing myself overlooking is something I DO each and every morning, usually BEfore the sun has come up.

And yet I take it fully for granted... It's just my habit. Just what I DO...

It shouldn't take a prompt or a challenge to look at myself with more compassion.

It shouldn't BE an ah-HAH sort of realisation that hits me upside the head, but there you go. It's taken what it has taken and I'm stopping it, oh, little bit by slow bit.

Here's a thought: MayBE the way to stop OVERLOOKING this is to ask a favour. 

To make a request. 

MayBE I am hiding BEhind this and trying to stay invisible again...

So, here goes: every morning I send out my Gratitude to an email list of folks. I have been DOing this since 2007, and my list of folks has grown and shrunk. 

The others on my list, well, a handful of them, mayBE a couple more than a handful somedays, also write and share Gratitude with me. [and others on their lists]


There does NOT seem to BE a crossover, an intersection, and I feel like that is less about people NOT wanting to and more about me NOT asking.

So, here I go: 

I have another blog where I share my Gratitude for all to see and read. It is called I Love You, Currie and every morning I make a wee piece of art and DO a little poeming and write about something.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have more people read it but asking people to follow my blog just is NOT my cup of tea...


I started last June to post it as a blog as well as the email I send. I've noticed, too, that I sometimes wish those on my email list would come and see what I am up to on BE Currie, but then I think I shouldn't ask.

So, while it may well BE weird and perhaps pushy, I'd like to put it out there that I'd love people who read me here to read me there as well. In the 9 months I've had that blog only one person has chosen to follow me. [and I also added her to my email list]

To BE fair, I am going to make an effort to contact my email list of folks and invite them to visit BE Currie, mayBE even follow me.

I don't feel so weird Now that I have written this out. I feel like I'm mayBE making a necessary change.

Anyhoozle, that's what I've got today and here's a little sampling of some recent Gratitude art and poeming...

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Jennifer said...

Oh, I loved reading this and I am going to jump over and follow your other blog right now. Your beautiful heart and soul shine right through each one of your posts and I know I'm going to adore your other blog just as much as I do this one.

Miriam said...

Hello Currie. Thank you for asking, my answer is Yes!
It is interesting, I visited your gratitude blog a few weeks ago and read lots of days and looked at lots of your pictures but I didn't leave a comment, It seemed kind of private and I didn't like to intrude. I don't 'follow' or have 'followers' but I do visit and I will let you know when. How could I not? you know I love your work x

Jez said...

I always love your use of colour, and every one of the paintings and associated text you show is a gem.

When I started blogging, just over a year ago I found it terribly hard to find blogs, and even harder to find artists' blogs. There didn't seem to be any way - I'd type searches in but get nowhere.

So it's not that we don't want to visit, but more that there is no way of knowing it exists. So I think that in telling us about what you 'overlook' you have done the right thing. I shall go and look now!!

Anonymous said...

I really like the last picture in this set. I guess I'm the one getting the gratitude emails. :)

Thanks for asking... you are brave.

Jennifer McLean said...

very pretty colors, backgrounds and use of washed art in the background to illuminate the words. well done.

Unknown said...

I have a thing for seahorses, so I particularly like that one. I also like the poem that goes with it. It makes a nice mantra.

sharon said...

Love your pieces so fill of colour. You are brave to ask and I will go over and look at your gratitude blog.

Catharina Engberg said...

I like especially the three brownish ones. You should sell them together! EXHIBITION is the word here Currie! :) GO FOR IT FRIEND! They are even beautyful without the words. Make them BOTH! So that people can choose!