Saturday, August 2, 2014

2014 Summer Art Camp ~ continued


These are my 5 scribble drawings from Day 2 of Summer Art Camp. 

I did these in the waiting room and then while in the other room waiting for my radiation oncologist.

The radiation folks are always curious to see what I am drawing, so this little exercise let them "weigh in" on what they saw!!!

It was fun just scribbling, looking and seeing something, even if it really isn't there!!! 

BElow each of my scribbled "boids" [they all seemed bird-like to me] is a digitally fiddled version.

Although I wanted to partake of more watercolouring, I've had a difficult time sitting and painting the past few days. 

Digital fiddling feels so much more "just right for Right Now" and it's really just another kind of "painting."


Rita said...

Funny, lighthearted drawings! Love the added color, no matter how you added it. :)

Terrie said...

Love these boids - they're whimsical and lyrical and all very bird-like. My fave is spring boid! This is definitely an example of how art can help soothe a troubled're finding a way to make sitting in depressing waiting rooms useful, productive, even fun. These are great and I hope your art continues to bring you joy - digital or any other kind!

Miriam said...

These are absolutely wonderful Currie. Both the scribbled and the fiddled. Art whichever way you look at them.