Friday, August 8, 2014

2014 Summer Art Camp ~ things unfinished and left undone


I think it is important for me to leave things unfinished and undone. 

This stretches my comfort zone. 

It reminds me to breathe and live Life.

It encourages me to embrace my way of learning and living and BEing in the World.

And then again...

Sometimes I love to dive in and experience Life and chaos and see if I can't just find the pony in the poop.

Summer Art Camp is sparking up my Trust the Process bits.

It is letting me try, play, DO whatever. 

NOT complete. NOT get right

Just DO what I CAN Right Now. That's all...

When looked at like the gorgeous, decadent, and deLIGHTfully superlicious thing it is, each Summer Art Camp day feels like diving happily into the chill waters of Cache Lake.

I was a camper and counsellor there for a hefty slice of my teenager+ Time.

I could roll with the chaos back Then. It's nice to remember that Me.

I was also quite without a rudder. Mostly I remember spinning with no feeling of traction, no sense of rootedness. 

Camp was somewhere I learned what I could DO. If I wanted to try. 

It gave me glimpses of what I might BE capable of in This World.

Glimpses. Encouragement. People taking their precious Time to help me grasp or experience something difficult, new, even a little scary.

I still find chaos on the menu, but I have discovered how JOYous a thing chaos can BE.

At 61.

Carla Sonheim has gathered artists who love to teach and encourage and who can cause water to BE laughed out my nose sometimes. I mean, they are so fun to watch in their videos. And they laugh. A LOT!!

I love that they come Right Here to ME.

When I want them to.

And they don't care if I don't feel like playing Right Now either.

Or if I DO everything or share what I am DOing or finish or even understand what just happened, none of it matters one smidge.

Still... you might like to see some of my less finished and undone stuff. 

Cherry Creature I started then abandoned.

Painting I did DO of cherries a la Fred Lisaius with a bit of digital fiddling ;~D.

Watercolour from Fred's last day... 

Intended to BE a summer postie card.

A "memory" of Cache Lake.

All of this happily unfinished.

And happily, well, happily shared, too...


Rita said...

When I am trying new things, or going back to things I have tried so long ago they feel like new again--I think of it as experimenting. Then it doesn't have to be "done". You are having fun and pushing your artistic limits and taking care of you. What could be better. :)

Miriam said...

I love how you share your art and your thoughts Currie. Thinking of you a lot today

Jo Murray said...

I'd love to have done this art camp. Your work is so whimsical!