Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why BE?! Artist's Play Room #23

Why DO I spell some words with B+E in them with capital B + capital E?!

And, Why BE Currie?!

It's silly, perhaps, yet that wondrous-to-me word BE is a touchstone. It reminds me that Right Now is my only chance to BE.

And, since I've been going by my middle name, Currie, for many years, I chose BE Currie for my blog BEcause it's a way of acknowledging my first name and reminding me what this blog is for: to BE Currie.

Okay then... this week Jenn's invitation at Artist's Play Room is to illustrate a word. What better an illustrated word than this BE I did in early 2010?!

I'd just started to stir the embers of my artist self at that time and I wanted to find a way to let myself out to play with words and art and the serendipitous dance they inspire in me.

I found these wonderfully LARGE letters and jumped right on in. I looked for the sorts of words I try to BE and made use of other words I found. It really was a dance and perhaps the one thing that made me sure this is the path for me at this time in my Life.

Thank you, Jenn, for your inspiration and encouragement and everyone else at Artist's Play Room for yours as well. EnJOY & BE Playful!!

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minnemie said...

What a great way to BE! I got lost in trying to read all the words in your BE... great submission!

Janet said...

Currie! What an awesome idea!! BE is a guiding principle for me, a word that keeps me ever in the moment and I have a photo with the Tolstoy quote "If you want to be happy, BE" in a place where I am reminded regularly.
Now I want to run out to Michael's do this as a first art journal project!! *lol* This is an awesomely brilliant idea!

Darla said...

Your art letters are so strong and colorful. I enjoyed your written description of how you chose the word BE as well.


Laura said...

First off thanks for popping by mine.
Secondly - Wow!
I love all the words you've used. I think I could look at this for ages!

TwinkleToes2day said...

This is very clever and the colours are BEautiful :0)

Rita said...

These are bright, colorful, and filled with meaning. Great entry!! :)

VonnyK said...

Your BE must have taken forever to make, there are so many words on them. They look fabulous and great to here about the BE in your blog.

Anonymous said...

Love it. Very creative!

Tracey FK said...

These are fan f-reakin-tastic ... I love them... almost as much as I love that you worked bodacious into your about me thingy... that is one of my favourite words... I think I am going to go and be bodacious all day now!!!!

Jennifer McLean said...

This is a great collage and remind me of the letters mom had up for me in my bedroom as a child. Every time we moved and I picked a new room color they got painted AGAIN!! I think they were a dozen colors at least!! These look great, better than my "JENNY" painted every color!

Natasha said...

This is a beautiful explanation and I love the piece you created. PERFECT! :)

Neesie said...

I often wondered why you wrote words BE in capitals in your posts and when you left comments or emails...well now I know!
Fascinating and really a beautiful entry Currie.
It's so vibrant!
Have a wondeful weekend :D
APR Neesie #12

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

These are so cool! I like the color scheme and the idea of integrating the words of who you are into the word BE. Blessings!