Sunday, August 26, 2012

Making Habits My Practise ~ Daily Paper Prompts #22-25

I am one of those people who finds something she likes DOing and hangs on for dear Life. Some people call it having an addictive personality, but that word conjures up all sorts of yuck and ick and bother, don't you agree?!

When, on an early morning this June I read Terrie at Creative Explorer sharing about something called ICAD, immediately [if NOT sooner] my antennae went up. I had a look-see and found Tammy at Daisy Yellow Art sharing prompts and visual inspiration for DOing a single index card each day for the balance of June and July. 61 little pieces of creative inspiration...

A large part of the appeal of this sort of thing takes me back to that word modifying personality above. I'm REALLY REALLY GOOD at DOing things one day at a time. I've learned this about myself. I didn't catch on for a long while, but in the past 5 years that's been changing and HAS changed in a huge way.

Each and every morning for the past 22 months I have been getting up BEtween 4 and 5, writing for 2-3 hours, one little this* and another little that*. [*those things which make up my writing practise] In April of 2011 I caught on to Writer's Digest's Poem-A-Day Month and rather than my usual sharing of an interesting, curious, or favourite quote to lead off my daily Gratitude Practise, I BEgan writing a poem. I call it "poeming" BEcause that's what I'm DOing. I am a writer. Writers write. If somebody throws a prompt or a challenge out there, I'm pretty much game to get on with it. 

Well, April ended but poeming lives on... And, in June of this year I started to post my Gratitude Practise on a blog I call I Love You, Currie BEcause that is how I always close.

See, habits... they aren't ALL bad after all, eh?!

I've built a few other nifty habits in the past year. Last November I took on the Art Every Day Month challenge that Leah Piken Kolidas does each November over on Creative Every Day. I met some new friends who live all over everywhere, and you know what?! I never ever had to go anywhere but right here to meet and to continue getting to know these new friends. Very. Cool. Beans. Especially for me who enJOYs her solitary Life and is definitely an introvert.

Meeting these friends and playing along in November encouraged me to carry on each week with Leah's Creative Every Day Challenge. HOW?! By creating my 366 Daze of Grace blog. And guess what else?! I've met more friends and learned about all sorts of other challenges and good stuff.

I share all of this for a couple of reasons. One, I want to make sure to acknowledge OUT LOUD the people who have opened their doors wide and pointed some other doors out to me. I try to say so, regularly, yet recently I have felt a little more like singing it from the rooftops. These extraordinary [yet probably really just as ordinary as I am] people have turned my Life into a regular picnic. Two, I need to start using links and tags and such, so I thought I'd practise here... the links bit.

As I write this there is a rollicking good rainstorm and winds blowing outside the Wee Cottage. It's Isaac, in whatever form, and it's been DOing this for the past 48-ish hours. I'm fascinated by the wind and rain, and I've been using the time ~ oops, sorry, thought the thunder booming and lightning were past tense...NOT!!!... to catch up reading others' blogs, writing, and DOing the past few days' Daily Paper Prompts. This is my Life Now, and I have to say I LOVE it, even if I am a wee bit overwhelmed with the winds that have been blowing and rain that's been accumulating.

So without further ado... DPPs 22-25.

#22 Map of an Imaginary/Imagined Place
My Map of The Wonderful World of Collage

#23 Drawing a Mandala using only pen, paper, and lines
Added colour after as a calming activity ;~D and further fiddling
in Picasa after scanning

#24 Using a simple plastic card & paint
Further fiddling in Picasa, yet again ;~D

#25 Write upside down
[which I did and then flipped horizontally when scanned]

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Rita said...

You are found your niche! Looks like you are having fun and enjoying your routines. What more can anyone ask? these are great! :)