Friday, August 31, 2012

Daily Paper Prompt August 2012 #26-31

Very much fun, very challenging, even too challenging for me at times, yet I've thoroughly enJOYed the Daily Paper Prompts from Tammy at Daisy Yellow Art to follow up ICAD2...

The "even too challenging for me at times" refers to getting BEyond my wee little comfort zone, sketching, for instance. Perhaps this has more to DO with feeling challenged to respond to a prompt rather than follow my own intentions. I learned a good bit from DOing what the prompts asked. And as for sketching in my garden... well let me just say that same as I use paper to paint, I used my scanner to sketch. After Isaac's visits, with the back fence down for the count, the outside of the Wee Cottage is quite NOT any sort of garden... so I decided to DO a work-around.

And without further ado, here are the last of August's Daily Paper Prompts My Way!

#26 was making 3 ATCs by the end of August. I'd really NEVER EVER yet made  one, but once I got going it was a gas!!


The thing I have to say is that ATCs are also mucho-lotso-fun to play with in Currie's World of Digital Fiddling aka Picasa.

#27 was a prompt to DO Slow Journalling, and I found this perplexing and then just a LOT of fun. I actually did it in one of my art journals, one I have had a very many years and it's just a great place for such an activity...

It was fun to see how the lines and swerves showed up playing in Picasa. Clearly I inverted the colours in both of these.

#28 was the garden sketching. I put it off and thought about it again and then forgot to take anything to sketch with and and and... Then this morning I had a blinding flash overtake me as Gracie and I were out on Morning Adventure. I saw this lovely little leaf in the road. I walked on, turned round, and picked it up. Once home I picked up another leaf in the yard and some stuff off the palm that has a lovely texture. 

My intent is to make them over into drawings and critters, somewhat a la Carla Sonheim's wondrous Imaginary Creatures. Her soon-to-BE released Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals is at the top of my wish list. To BE even more forthcoming about this, Carla has inspired me to STOP saying "I can't draw" and helped me see that drawing is NOT like having a root canal, it's just SEEING... and it's also FUN... So here are the critters-in-progress:

#29 was Swirly Writing and I actually found this, at first, ambivalence-inducing. I have been making words into art lately, so it was more a prompt I wanted to push off from. That is, until I tried it. Yet again there is great potential in this to play in the Land of Digital Fiddling... Here's what happened there:

#30 was definitely sweet, especially as I spent the better part of yesterday on buses going to the various ends of the area I needed to go. I decided to pick up the books on hold for me at the library so that I could peruse them on the other 4 buses. Although I ended up falling quite in love with an audiobook, I did spend a good bit of my more glazed-over time looking at two books by Peter H. Reynolds, the dot and ish

On the back flap he writes that when he asks kids in classrooms for a show of hands for who loves to draw, "In kindergarten and first grade, all the hands go up. By fourth and fifth grade, most of the hands are down, or perhaps pointing to 'the class artist.'" This is actually what I, too, have observed, a large part of why I wanted to get these two books. Makes me pause a bit, get inspired, and open my heart bigger.

So, that brings me current. Today's prompt was Finishing. Every last day of the month I have a series of things I DO to complete, back-up, and clear-out my month's goodies and DOings. It was very thoughty, then, that Tammy said to Finish today.

So glad to hear this will start right back up tomorrow... Yet for me, for Now, I bid you adieu!!


Anonymous said...

I'm going through all of them and the next one is better the other... they are all fantastic and I can't decide which is my favorite! wonderful work!

Rita said...

wow! What fun! And I can see where these would have pushed me from my comfort zone, too--but they're wonderful! I laughed out loud when I read "Fail with enthusiasm"!! Love that one especially!!

Have a super weekend! :):)