Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Sea Dreamscape in Turquoise & Lime APR #21

A Sea Dreamscape in Turquoise & Lime

No more the maiden voyageur, I am excited this week to have really explored the theme for this week's challenge at APR#21, turquoise and lime

Making this collage was especially fun as it was a return to the 6" by 6" size I was using almost exclusively in 2010; well, until I went even smaller!!! 

I went scavenging in a National Geographic from 1956 that has some of the deepest and most delicious turquoise I have seen in a magazine. My layering it made for some pretty effects. Of course this isn't so visible anymore, but that's part of the fun: knowing this collage through its many stages!

Eventually I just let it rip. I've been DOing so much digitally lately that it was fun to get up to my old messiness with matte medium. AND to have bits and pieces of paper everywhere.

The lime colour wove itself in amongst the turquoise and then I found the two pairs of legs that I'd been saving since who knows when and suddenly I was "done" and my wee collage complete. Such a nice feeling that one, completion.

I also played with one of my favourite old photos of Gracie, digitally, using the same colour theme:

I have been working my way through Carla Sonheim's Drawing Lab all of 2012, and I got an idea after last week's APR of a "series" of early Gracie photos to DO a bunch of drawings, she recommends about 20, really fast, one after the other. While those efforts weren't all that and a bag of chips, the exercise taught me that repetition makes impossible BEginnings into very much possible outcomes. I'm still working on this batch in some other digital fiddling ways for my Photo Art Friday this week.

I love how this is all playing out, where one thing influences another, or opens an unexpected window. I've even brought this week's Turquoise & Lime theme into my Daily Paper Prompts. Of course this is truly the way it all is meant to BE, eh?! Starting out with Art Everyday Month last November, where I met, then or since, through participating in Creative Every Day, such wonderful folks, like Terrie at Creative Explorer, who actually inspired me to participate in Artist's Play Room. [and ICAD2!!]

P.S. last week I was wondering HOW DO I MAKE LINKS the way "the big kids DO" but didn't know how to ask [or was too shy to]. I started this post out by "borrowing" Terrie's APR#21  and from there figured out the rest myself!!! Who says that time on the Internet is a waste?! 

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SandeeNC said...

I love your tiny collage, the layers are fantastic, love those legs too! Well, you defintely figured out the links and are linking all all over the place, lol It's fun learning something new! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Jennifer McLean said...

thanks for entering, curry, I do love those legs, but then i wear turquoise and lime on my nails with GLITTER. hehehe. I figure my excuse is I'm an artist and quirky that way. it's good to get back to art you used to love, getting out the glue must feel great.

VonnyK said...

I love your collage, it really is dreamy. You can get lost in there. The legs really make the piece and those doggy pics are so cute.
Glad you worked out the computery bits, I get lost myself.

TwinkleToes2day said...

LOVe the dreaminess of the collage and the puppies are swee-eet! :0)

Victoria said...

Beautiful..what a spectacular work! Powerful piece for the APR challenge..lots of gorgeous energy vibing out!So lovely to meet you and to visit your beautiful realm here!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Visiting from APR! Lovely collage--the legs are a scream!

Gloria j Zucaro said...

Really nice color combo worked out in your collage and I love the legs. You always have a surprise which is fun. I like Gracie in the second color scheme.

Neesie said...

A brilliant collage must have had such fun getting into the nitty gritty once again!
I can't get over the fact you had those legs saved for such an occasion!
Gracie's images are clever. No wonder you worked out how to link!
Have a wonderful weekend...whatever you get up to :D
Neesie (APR#8)