Monday, June 10, 2013

Thoughts on BEing 60

It's a week yet until my actual birthday, but I've shifted into that gear of reflecting and imagining, looking back over the year and considering, with an open hand and heart, what I might like to DO next.

This morning, after our wee Morning Adventure, Gracie was so exhausted that I just sat awhile and watched her wind down and regroup. 

I was thinking how much she has taught me, especially in this past year, as our ages BEgin their convergence. [considering dog years times 7 makes her just about the same age as me Now]

And I was thinking about how my mum always makes sure I know I am in my 60th year and come next week I'll BEgin my 61st. 

Gracie has taught me to live in each moment.

She has given me a shining example of NOT worrying and trusting everything that is REALLY necessary will BE supplied.

[sometimes magically]

Gracie "walks her talk" by always greeting Life with gladness and accepting things [okay, sometimes she needs persuading] just the way they are.

She lives simply, is visible, has great discipline, and knows what enough is.
[all of these BEing my words for the years 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013]

Gracie gives more than she gets and she does so gladly, eagerly, and always.

She's just so HOW I want to BE, NOT when I "grow up" but Right Now.



And so I sat and wrote this little poeming to mark for myself what I am thinkingandfeeling Right Now.

In the last week of my 60th year.

Thoughts On BEing 60

I am finding such great JOY living Life
NOT BEcause of something or someone
Simply by choosing to every day.

I have loved and I have been loved
Sometimes at the very same time
Other times NOT so much or even at all.

I would trade anything at all
Nothing excluded, anything at all
For the peace I know inside me Now.

Even when no one notices or cares
I shall continue showing up
And BEing who and how I AM.

Even if I never EVER have Hope
Of perfection or success
I shall continue on DOing Life my way.

I would love to hear it said to me
And know its warmth wrapped round me
But I’ll keep saying I love you forever.

I know that I really am enough
I don’t need anyone else to agree
Knowing is more than plenty.

People still confuse me all the time
And I want to understand them
I’ve grown comfortable with that.

Letting Go is NOT my greatest strength
And yet I feel it growing
Stronger each and every day.

My days may BE simple and small
In the Grander Scheme of Life
Still, they fit me perfectly.

I don’t know how long I have left
To live and BE and love
But I know it’s already been enough.


Terrie said...

Lovely poem - so thoughtful and thought full. You're so very much more introspective than me so I really appreciate reading your musings on turning 60 - I find that I can embrace much of it for myself. Happy early birthday :)

Rita said...

I'm 62 already and Karma's 8--so we're about the same age, too. I'd never want to go back. It was a long hard road to get here to this marvelous day and time. :):)

Anonymous said...

Hi Currie, I have enjoyed reading your thoughts on "60"...I turned 62 in Feb..It's taken me years to get where I am comfortable (somewhat) with who I am, where I have been and now where am I going with what I do. It's all an adventure and I embrace each day with a thankful heart...

Miriam said...

Loving the picture of your painting+ fiddling, no doubt.
Since you are thinking about being 60 in a week I will wish you happy thoughts for the week before you are there.... I wish I could say some things about being 60. I will think about putting words to paper and send them to you.