Thursday, June 13, 2013

Photo Art Friday 14 June 2013 ~ AHHHHHHH!!! It's back!!!

It's always good to pause and refresh.

And it's wondrous to reconnect.

This couple of month hiatus has found me exploring and expanding my repertoire of art-making possibilities.

On my other blog, I've been gathering up the past year's posts for a book I'm calling My 60th Year. 

My 60th birthday is next Tuesday. I started my other blog, I Love You, Currie, on my last birthday. 

It's quite intriguing to see the arc of my last year and all I have learned, explored, and discovered on the Digital Fiddling Playground.

While really it's just me posting my daily Gratitude which I share with a bunch of others by email, after many encouragements and kind responses, I decided to start posting it in a blog, too. 

The book idea is a way of tipping my hat to my mum. 

Her yearly reminders that whatever age I am turning, the year BEfore and leading up to my birthday is that YEAR. 

And it's also FOR HER BEcause her computer has bitten the dust and she has missed out on receiving my Gratitude for nearly ALL of the past year.

I Love You, Currie has NOT got much of a following, but it does have one, which is really where I want to focus. 

It's been fun to send my early morning writings and digital fiddlings out into the World each day and in that process meeting so many more wonderful people I'd likely NEVER get to meet otherwise.

As I have here, in Photo Art Friday.

My "title" piece for this week's theme, Dreamy or Ethereal, is a piece made of a couple of PDPA textures that I fiddled with in Pixlr. 

I've been using many of Bonnie's extraordinary textures as my starting points in the early mornings. 

It's quite a LOT of fun to mix them with my art and words. 

The piece BElow is one I made especially for our return PAF.

I started with a bunch of Nantucket photographs I took when I was there for my son's wedding in 2010. 

I made a collage I call Nantucket Postcard, and then it sort of sat and gathered dust, like so many of my wee collages. 

Insert a momentary inspiration whilst sorting and downloading some of my photos from KodakGallery. [which is no more] 

And me remembering what I was thinking about when I made it. 

Therein lies the Dreamy & Ethereal aspect.

I layered a variety of PDPA and PARC textures, fiddled with them in Pixlr and actually am quite enJOYing what I came up with. 

I've also given myself an idea for an upcoming Mail Me Some Art swap which is always a bonus. 

So looking forward to what others have been up to.


Photo Art Friday


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

As always, you come up big ... love your artwork and your thoughts. Will travel over to your personal blog to try to get caught up on what you and Gracie have been up to. Good to see you again, Currie

Andrea @ From The Sol

A Garden of Threads said...

Happy Birthday!! These are awesome. Take care, Jen

ormbunke said...

Happy to see your photo again. Ha de gott.

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

You are SO creative, Currie! Love both of these images that you share - the dreamy one and the Nantucket Postcard. Wow!

Sorry that your image does not appear on the PAF page. I have corrected the problem if you would like to re-link so folks can see your image.

Have a VERY happy birthday!

Rita said...

Early happy birthday!
This is such a bright and colorful piece. Love it! I've been loving how you've been using bold, bright colors lately. :)

Jeanne said...


Anonymous said...

Hello Currie
And thank you for your comment.
It´s so great to see your colorful art again.
Happy birthday.

Annemor said...

Happy to see you and your artwork again.
It's a pleasure to "walk around" in other's dreams and memories.
Have a wonderful weeken and I lover your piece.
Mormor :)

abrianna said...

Lovely. I have been to Nantucket. Beautiful place. And your fiddling is lovely!

Suburban Girl said...

Beautiful. Very dreamy too.

Andrea Dawn said...

Here's to a most delightful birthday on Tuesday. Enjoy your work as always.

Ida said...

Nice to meet up with you again via PAF - Hope you are enjoying summer.
Your pieces are always so interesting. The 1st piece is really lovely. You do "collage" so well as in your 2nd piece. I struggle to create collage elements that make sense.

NatureFootstep said...

interesting pieces :) Love the dreamy for its softnes and the last one for it´s colors. :)

Kim Stevens said...

I deem you the queen of digital fiddlings! :) I love the simplicity of the first one and the colors!

Leovi said...

Yes, That beauty ... I like these dreamy colors. Enchanting!

Prairie Jill said...

I love both pieces! So nice to see your bright colours again!

Miriam said...

Fabulous as always, Isn't it good to be back hanging out in the gallery?

Miriam said...

P.S. The postcard swap sounds intriguing, count me in?

Loredana Donovan said...

These are awesome, Currie! The first is especially soft and dreamy :)

Lynne with an e said...

Great to see your creative juices flowing with such great abundance!

Anonymous said...

I love it, Currie! I love the way your artwork progresses - it's strong and beautiful, just like your presence! :)

Anonymous said...

well, it is next Tuesday already, and I wish you all the best! I wish you a wonderful year full of creativity and courage.
Happy B-Day Currie! I am happy we were able to "meet"!

peggy gatto said...

Superb collage, I looked a long time!!!