Monday, May 28, 2012

Amazing Blue Luminary

This is a collage I made for my friend Jen's birthday, LAST November [2011]. It has lived propped BEside my bed and Now it is framed in a floating frame and hung on my wall. I'm sure we'll get together soon... ;~D

When we first met, online, I knew her as "Blue" and while Now, since I moved to South Florida, we are practically neighbours, I still see her all too few and far BEtween...

I saw this Collage Obsession Weekly Challenge and decided I'd like to play. How amazing the timing of the BLUE, too!!!

Thanks to Michelle V. Alkerton for introducing me to this Challenge!!


Anonymous said...

Great collage Currie! I'm sure Jen will love it whenever she gets it :).
Stay inspired!
Brain Angles - Invisible Ink

*itKuPiLLi* said...

Your collage says it ~ amazing. Thank you for participating. :))

Anonymous said...

Fabulous collage! Hard to give it up, I imagine;)