Friday, July 19, 2013

Tiny Adventures Close To Home

It boggles the mind to realise it is already two-thirds of the way through July. I canNOT really say where the Time has gone, but I DO know it's been sweet and simple time.

In my continuing intent to keep my Life within my Present means, I have spent some pretty amazing time here in the Wee Cottage creating and just BEing.

For 2013 Year of the Giraffe, July has been all about sculpture. NOT something I've had any experience with, but remarkably that matters NOT one smidge.

And in the continuing Adventure that is Mail Me Some Art, I have found another way to combine Giraffe-ing and MMSA-ing in creating a wee "zine" for an upcoming swap.

I spent the bulk of yesterday and some of today creating this Now ready-to-BE folded and cut Collaging & Digital Fiddling Giraffes Zine. It's been fun, challenging in the best of ways, and encouraging.

I've also been discovering that sculpture is NOT that far outside the "box" of skills and capabilities I already have; truly an incentive to keep working things out, bit by slow bit.

I have explored soft sculpture...

And I have also been busy with 2 papier-mache-ish sculptures and several wire and what-have-you sculptures. [pictures TK, I promise ;~D]

It's a good summer as summers go; quiet, productive, relaxing, and spent enJOYing each and every day like juicy mangoes!!


Connie Rose said...

What fun stuff, Currie! Love your zine.
Re: time passing so quickly...for me, each year begins to speed up after April. Then the days/months just fly by. Remember when we were kids and a year seemed like an eon? Anymore, waiting a year for something is like hardly having to wait at all.
Have a great weekend.
Say, are you interested in a one-on-one mail art exchange? Email me if you do.

Miriam said...

Hi, I am so thrilled to see you pop up in my reader. Giraffes are amazing and you 'sound' cheerful, positive and bright. Xx

Anonymous said...

Very productive in your case...Wow..great!

Rita said...

All looks like fun!! the sculpted giraffe is a hoot! Love it! :)

cjsrq said...

What a great zine! And I love your soft sculpture giraffe. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

I just love the innocence and sweet hearts you put into your giraffes. They shine goodness. xox

Terrie said...

Boy, just look at those adorable giraffes! Your zine looks utterly delightful (hope I get one:)

Leovi said...

Wonderful, I really like this giraffe!