Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One Day Down by the Sea ~ Texture Tuesday

There is something just delicious about living here, by the sea...
The sky is amazing, oftentimes awesome in its blue.
Moments, mere moments are burned into my heart. 
For Forever. 
And Always.
Especially moments shared.
With friends.

After fiddling in Creative Kit to crop, resize, and adjust clarity, I used kk_kristen colour burn 100% and another layer overlay 80%. Next I added kk_musiclovin overlay 74%. 

I like the way the textures changed the sky, clouds, and sand as well the boat colours. I also like that I got to BE in this photo, thanks to Jen-Jen taking a series of photos on my camera with Hansi and me on the sailboats... ;~D


Unknown said...

Very cool - so vibrant!

Stephanie said...

I can practically feel the beach with the beautiful blue skies and warm sand. Nice processing. I'm glad you got to be in the picture too!

The Artful Diva said...

are you watching dolphins at play?

ormbunke said...

Wonderful coulors. Ha de gott.

Marilyn said...

Currie, makes me want to be back in Florida --- maybe for a week. Beaches are so different than ours in So. Calif.
I love the beautiful blue you got from the textures. Editing can really make an ordinary photo into something quite unusual and beautiful.

Carmel said...

Fantastic image, the textures look great together. The blue sky looks amazing.
Cheers Carmel

Sylvia said...

The colors turned out really beautiful, lovely photo !
Nice evening,

Leovi said...

Delicious landscape. Nice photo. Greetings.

johanna said...

oh i wish i were there... we are having november fog for some days here, not lifting up the mood.
thanks for your comment on my blog, currie!

Beverly said...

The colors on this photo are so amazing!! I love what you have done to bring out such vibrant colors, and giving a fun feel to the photo. Very creative!!