Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Taking on a Texture Tuesday 9.18.12

Learning is fun. In fact it is as essential as air for me. As this is my first go at Texture Tuesday, I am happy to report I am only a little bit nervous. I know that first times are often weird-feeling, but by looking at some of the names in here I know I have friends here.


Anyhoozle... I can tell you how I did this [BEcause I wrote it down LOL!!] although I don't understand how you get that info to print out. 

All in its own time, Currie...

I started with a photo of one of my funny fish I've been using in my Under the Sea paintings. I'll admit I played with it a wee bit in Picasa, first, BEcause that's what I know, and then brought it into PSE8, along with a sweet texture from Kim called wettile.

The most important part for me was Just DOing It. NOT trying to get fancy or overwhelm myself. So first I did the Colour Dodge thing at 70%, then HardLight at 25%. 

Next I scootched the wettile texture in and did Multiply at 78%. [after I made everything go all flooey a couple of times... though I promise neither fish nor humans were harmed in this experiment!!]

I added the text from one of my previously made funny fish, "make BEautiful mistakes" in Viner Hand [which took away the BE and made it be] and the first layer was orange with Difference 96% then the second layer Overlay at 56%. 

Don't ask WHY I did these things, I was just playing, trying things out and seeing what happened. I even turned the eyeballs on and off and saw the path I'd taken. FUN!!!

I've decided I am going to learn this the way I learned Picasa and that's by DOing one photo each day and letting the learning marinate itself into me...

One thing I don't understand is why the file size is so gigunda in PSD. Well, one thing I think worth mentioning if anyone can enlighten me ;~D

That's all for Now. Looking forward to seeing what others came up with!!



Kim Stevens said...

Nice job, and I love the words - make beautiful mistakes!!

Miriam said...

I absolutely love this Currie. Sorry you have been having problems visiting me. I have no idea why, all seems ok this end. x Oh & welcome to TT everyone is so nice here.

minnemie said...

oh this is just wonderful! it caught my eye ans made me smile even before I read the text "make beautiful mistakes" - which made my smile even bigger.

Margaret said...

This looks like an illustration I would see in a children's poetry book .... fun.

johanna said...

eyecatching really, you played so well!

Sheila said...

First of all, I love all your BEings and DOings. The positivity you exude in your posts make me smile :) And I almost spit out my coffee when I read, "I even turned all the eyeballs on and off..." too funny! but I knew exactly what you meant.

Second, nice work on the fish! Looks like he's floating in hot lava.

Finally, about your question on the file size:

After exporting/saving your image as a JPEG file, open the file up in Microsoft Paint program or equivalent. Click "resize." In the pop-up window, select pixels, and then change it to the size you want. It looks like you tend to post your photos in the 300-400 size range.

Hope this works for you. Feel free to email if you have troubles. shewriting at yahoo dot com

Many blessings,

Deborah said...

fabulous rendering!

Unknown said...

Cute! so glad you entered! :) Carol

Prairie Jill said...

Great edit! I always love your bright colours!