Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quiet thoughts on a rainy Saturday afternoon...

While I don't have any real "following" for my blogs, I DO have wonderful people stopping in and leaving their thoughts whenever I put my art out there for one challenge or another... And that's pretty cool. 

What I DO have is an insatiable curiosity and love of seeing others' art. It has taken me the past 4 hours to wander through all the great entries for Artist's Play Room #26 and Photo Art Friday's 7-word sentence prompt. It is delightful to see what my "friends I've never met yet" have been DOing since last week.

So, it's especially fun today to BE able to help out Jenn with getting the word out about the new FEATURING magazine...

It looks amazing and delicious. Pre-order issue 2 and you're entered into a draw to win one of 30 free inchies that will be displayed on the back cover of issue 3. The giveaway ends September 21st. Here's the link.

Actually, you might want to check out this link to Jenn's post for more wonderful information and a closer look.

It looks to BE a wondrous magazine and full and overflowing with the smorgasbord of art that I have been marinating in today!!!



Mariane said...

;) I am smiling at the "smorgasbord"... As it is so close in how we write it in Danish "Smørbrødsbord" Smörgåsbord is Swedish and of course you don't have a word in English that is saying the same or rather means the same thing. I am happy you have been visiting my site with the "Pastel" photo editing. I am pleasured to be of any help if you want more - Thanks again for visiting!!

mzjohansen said...

Oh! How cool. I can't afford to order it from the States but I sure would buy it if was available here. Any new magazine related to journaling and mixed media arts is a step forward in my book!

Thanks so much for stopping my my spikey nettle to say hi! Notes are much appreciated