Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A New Month of Daily Paper Prompts

At the start of each year, well, the last 3 anyway, I declare a word for that year. In 2012 it's DISCIPLINE. Curious at the outset, Now I just keep seeing it taking root in me, deeply, and there is much in my "harvest" too.

The Daily Paper Prompt, following on the heels of ICAD2, has been an inspiring resource for a discipline of creating and making and exploring my art each and every day. It's also more fun this way, as I live a very solitary and quiet Life. It lets me BE connected in a Very Real Way with others, and especially when I get to share what I have been up to.

This month of September, I have an intention to DO my DPPs on these 4 by 4 inch pieces of cardstock. Of course, NOT knowing what the daily prompts will BE, I am certain I will have to "punt" to make that intention hold.

Such was the case for DPP #32 with Repurposed Paper. I don't sew, don't have access to sewing materials or a machine, so I interpreted the prompt my own way. Actually, this is something I DO regularly, so I did it deliberately. I had a bunch of scraps of all kinds that I have been sifting and sorting all summer, so I did a BIG clearing-out to take 99% of it in for the kids' stash at the museum. Clearly repurposing on several levels!!

What I did DO that I can SHOW were these 4 little squares of strips, as described only shorter...

Daily Paper Prompt #32 Repurposed Papers

and without any stitching or stapling... It's fun to see the bits of the bigger bits I have ready for the kids' stash. I am quite sure I will use these, if only for backgrounds...

Daily Paper Prompt #33 with Lauren came with this invitation:
making a collage which incorporates *LOTS* of layers! Your layers can consist of different papers, images, ephemera, techniques (sewing, drawing, writing, folding, beading), media (ink, paint, mist, gesso, charcoal, pastels), colors, ideas, artistic styles... in short, a "layer" can be anything you want! Don't worry about achieving a lovely end result, concentrate on the creative process, on trying at least one thing that's brand new to you, and-- especially-- on having ♥FUN♥! 
What ever was I going to DO on those weensie baby squares of cardstock!!??? NOT to worry, if nothing else this daily practise I've been at since 1 June 2012 has taught me the power of improvisation. So I dug deep into some of my older art, knowing that I had done something just like this and surprised myself at finding this:

Daily Paper Prompt #33  *LOTS*  of Layers

Scanning it and photographing it, I discovered that I have some treasures in that box that I'd just considered old and NOT all that worthy of revisiting... I also learned more about the way my scanner and camera are similar but NOT the same. I'm pretty sure, too, that I will BE able to carry this over into getting more comfortable with Photoshop Elements. 

Yet for Now I fiddled in Picasa, came up with a bunch of variations, and fulfilled Lauren's instructions. This was the first piece where I used layer upon layer of collage, paint, texture, stamps, stencils, soft pastels, and even oil pastels. And Now I have used Picasa. Who knew?!

Stay tuned... I am going to try to keep up with an every other day post. It's another form of Discipline for me to keep moving along, keep writing, and sharing.


Rita said...

I like both your repurposed paper and the lot of layers. In fact, especially the lots of layers! Wow! :)

lauren bergold said...

oh wow, not only do i ♥LOVE♥ your responses to both of these aesthetically--they are AMAZING!!! but also, i absolutely adore the way you have made the prompts work for YOU using the things you have, and really approaching them CREATIVELY, which of course is the WHOLE POINT!

i loooooooooooove the paper strip pieces, and i really really like that as part of the prompt you were inspired to re-purpose even more paper via donation! now THAT is a way to pass on goodies AND creativity!

as far as the layers piece, it is astonishingly lovely on its own, but the fact that you taught yourself some picasa "skillz" to work on it further is BRILLIANT and impressive! can't wait to see what you will do NEXT!!! ♥